IDP Session 1:  Knowing Your Why


Each Church will have a plan to build relationships and pathways to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.

Session Objectives: Participants will:

  • identify what a church does (PowerPoint/video presentation)
  • identify their personal WHY (using PowerPoint and questions provided)
  • identify their congregational WHY(PowerPoint and video presentation)
  • identify how to help the congregation discover their WHY

Essential Understandings:

We make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

A congregation needs to do WHY work individually and collectively and be clear about it to have a disciple-making culture.

Discipleship is not a formula or a list of steps to check off. It is an entire way of being – a way of navigating our lives and relationships.

Essential Vocabulary:

Discipleship: living into the example of Jesus Christ. The process/journey to God.

Printed Materials (Presenter Provided)

Electronic :

PowerPoint and printout format

Questions for Consideration

Materials Needed (participants provide)

Pencils (pens or markers are fine)

Paper and/or chart paper 

PowerPoint printout pages printed

Questions for consideration printed

Helpful Resources: Rev Junius Dotson’s Developing an Intentional Discipleship Plan


KNOWING YOUR WHY - by Michael Jr.